Hi my name is Julie Grajeda, and I consider myself a citizen of the universe. I'm a passionate, detailed, creative designer,
with more then 10 years of experience in
the digital sector, focusing on the mobile design. With advanced knowledge of digital marketing, oriented on interaction design and user experience. I am known to be a team player, enthusiastic, especially an "out of the box thinker" person with strong communication skills in love with life.


After 5 and half years I quit my job at Neomobile

Back to my Home Town... Guatemala

Became a Special Project Creativity Manager at Neomobile

Travel to North Europe and Russia

Became a Visual Designer at Neomobile

I won the award for “Best Respect” in Neomobile

I finished the Master in New Media Design

Travel to Peru... went to Machupichu

Started working at Neomobile

Started working as an Art Director Jr at Skemadvertising

Finish the Master in Art Direction

Travel to Greece and Croatia

Graphic Designer at Fotopromemoria

Graphic Designer at Lithoformas

Arrived in Rome to begin a new life

Visual Designer at Siglo Veintiuno

Graphic Design degree at URL

Became a fireman at Bomberos Municipales

Web designer at Eisomedia

Designer/Flash animator at Studio C

Bachelor in Literature and Science

Studied Bachelor in Plastic Arts

I was born in July

90% Art Direction
80% UX / UI
80% Webdesign
75% Html/Css/ Jquery
  • I know Julie for quite a while, i've seen how she has grown in her personal and professional path. All the proposal or contribution that she came out with was filled with innovation and focused on the end user.

    Josue Del Cid
    Project Manager at MILKnCOOKIES

    Julie and I worked together for the project Cubogiochi for Telecom Italia and I can say that Julie is an incredible workmate, she’s an high skilled creative designer! Thanks to her passion, precision and expertise, I can say that it has been a great pleasure to work with her!

    Valeria Toccu
    Publisher Adv - Affiliation Manager presso Lumata

  • I worked with Julie to a challenging web video production to promote a mobile app. It was very exciting and thanks to her no details were left to chance. Sharp and accurate manager.

    Gioia Pistola
    Mobile Marketing Manager

    Julie is not only a result driven and great Special Project Creativity Manager but also an inspiring expert. Julie is a broad-minded and well educated who can take on even the most challenging projects. Multi-skilled and goal oriented perfectionist with boundless energy. Makes the impossible possible!

    Riccardo Giordani
    Head of Marketing VAS presso PosteMobile

  • I’ve worked with Julie for almost 4 ys and she is a great person both personally and professionally. She is a hard worker, she is extremely professional, she loves what she does, and she put all herself in her works. Her points of strength are the precision, the creativity and to be proactive. If in the future I’ll have the possibility to work again with her it will be a pleasure for me.

    Cristina Vojtisek
    Senior Product KPI Specialist at Neomobile

    I've worked with Julie for more than one year and I was quite impressed with her. She is very competent and professionally reliable. Because of these qualities she has repeatedly done work of tutoring, overseeing the work of the new recruits and patiently teaching them the basics of the trade. I personally have learned a lot from her and I consider her an example to follow.

    Flaminia Breda
    visual designer junior at Neomobile S.p.A.

  • It was a pleasure to work with Julie, she is a very good person with ethical values, she is also a good team player and she is always open to new challenges. Her best qualities are her creativity, her passion for design and her sense of humour.

    Castano Maria Belén
    Digital Strategist at Arena - Havas Media Group

    Julie is a serious professional, she has very strong know-how and she brings added value to each team she works with and cooperate. Creativity and precision in the same time are her strengths.

    Zorana Miliecevic
    Sr Product Licensing & Partnership Specialist presso Neomobile

  • She's great! An enthusiast and a professional, she's very dedicated, patient and gets the job done. She's an expert in webdesign, graphics and illustration and has an open eye on everything artistic, which is a big plus for someone working in this context. I'd definitely have her around if you need someone talented and with great expertise.

    Valerio Pierbattista
    webdesigner and front end developer

    It was a pleasure to work with Julie. She is a dinamic and creative person. She was always taking care of the details for each single project. You can always count on her.

    Annarita Lone
    Marketing Specialist Spain presso Neomobile

  • Julie's ethic and managing capabilities are priceless in a working environment. Her skills range from technical abilities to organization and decision making responsabilities. She's very reliable as a manager and as a problem solver, thanks to her broad knowledge of technologies.

    Fabrizio Fabricatore
    Multimedia developer at Neomobile

    Julie is a pleasure to work with because her pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting. She always handled the position fairly by making sure everyone had equal amounts of work that they enjoyed. With her relentless motivation and her knowledge of art, she would bring a wealth of knowledge and skills. I know she would be an excellent fit for any organization.

    Eleonora Marra
    Senior Departmental Assistant at Venere.com (Sole Proprietorship)

  • Julie is to much skilled, it's the best Project Creativity Manager that I have met in my carrier! She has a lot of good qualities... one is her good relationship with collegues.

    Salvatore Virno
    Software Developer presso Neomobile S.p.A.